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Skyrim Alchemy Guide: Tips and Tricks

December 5, 2011 in Skyrim Skills Guides, Skyrim Tips

"An alchemist can create magical potions and deadly poisons."

Alchemy can be one of the most rewarding skills within Skyrim if you have the right tools and tips. Within this guide I’ll post my tips and tricks to craft the deadliest poisons and the most effective potions.

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients can be found throughout your travels in Skyrim and each provide different effects. To find one of these effects simply eat the ingredient. That’s right, enjoy eating a Giant’s Toe. The remaining three effects can be found while combining ingredients. For example, by eating a Luna Moth Wing you will find that it damages magicka. However, when combined with Vampire Dust we see that it also can be used for invisibility. By mixing up your ingredients and experimenting you can acquire valuable knowledge for Alchemy! A complete list of ingredients as well as locations, effects, and prices can be found here.

Step 2: In the Lab

Now that you have ingredients it’s time to get mixing! With the knowledge of ingredients and their effects we can combine two or more ingredients with the same properties. For example, say that we know that Vampire Dust and a Luna Moth Wing both have invisibility properties. When we combine them we obtain an invisibility potion. But it doesn’t stop there. We can add a third ingredient to create an even stronger potion! This is where the guess work begins. Let’s take our old invisibility potion and try to enhance it. I’ll add Hawk’s Feathers and see what happens. Poof! We have an invisibility potion that also cures diseases. By mixing different trios of ingredients you can yield powerful poisons and potions that can be very useful for adventuring and for making money!

Step 3: Getting the Best Potions and Poisons

As you level up Alchemy different perks will be open to you. One side of the perk tree leans towards poisons while another leans towards potions. Carefully choose what you’d like to do, or do both! The first perk with 5 ranks is called “Alchemist”. Rank 1 makes potions/poisons 20% stronger, rank 2 makes them 40% stronger, rank 3 makes them 60% stronger, rank 4 makes them 80% stronger, and rank 5 makes them 100% stronger. The rest of the perks are helpful for potions or poisons. I will organize the perks into their respective lists. Snakeblood and Purity are listed twice because they can be accessed from both sides.

Skyrim “Potion” Perks

  • Physician (20 Alchemy, Potions you mix are 25% more effective)
  • Benefactor (30 Alchemy, Potions you mix with additional effects have an additional 25% greater magnitude)
  • Experimenter (3 ranks) (50 Alchemy, Eating an ingredient shows first two effects, +1 with each rank)
  • Snakeblood (80 Alchemy, 50% resistance to all poisons)
  • Purity (100 Alchemy, All negatives are removed from potions and all positives are removed from poisons)

Skyrim “Poison” Perks

  • Poisoner (30 Alchemy, Poisons you mix are 25% more effective)
  • Concentrated Poison (60 Alchemy, Poisons applied to weapons last twice as many hits)
  • Green Thumb (70 Alchemy, Twice as many ingredients are gathered from plants)
  • Snakeblood (80 Alchemy, 50% resistance to all poisons)
  • Purity (100 Alchemy, All negatives are removed from potions and all positives are removed from poisons)

As you can see, both sides of the perk tree are very helpful. Personally, I use the potion side because I rarely make poisons and find the “Experimenter” perk very helpful. Lastly, you can enchant gear to help you make stronger potions and poisons. Various NPC’s also sell these pieces that come in rings, necklaces, gauntlets, boots, and helmets.

Conclusion on Skyrim Alchemy

When using Alchemy in Skyrim it is important to use all resources available to you. I strongly recommend using the tips on this page to make the most powerful potions/poisons and make the most money possible!

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  1. Great read. It’d be great to get a list of alchemy recipes going as well. Found or discovered!

  2. I agree with Arklite! A list would be awesome. Maybe some folk could work on one each? One person does Smithing, the other Enchanting, the other Alchemy and so forth. It’d be fun!

  3. If we do that I would be more than happy to put together a list of useful potions and poisons.

  4. I think it could be a great idea, may be easiest to do with with pages instead of blog posts so I will get that up and available for you all to edit so any of us can add to them whenever we find something new.

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